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Read Manga Naruto Naruto Online in High Quality - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. mango. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .. Welcome to my Naruto egrytbontrusthealth.gq Uploaded. Komik Naruto Chapter PDF Bahasa Indonesia - NARIKUDOU Naruto - Read Naruto Manga Chapter - Page 5 online - Page 5 - NarutoBase. Visit. Komik Naruto Chapter PDF Bahasa Indonesia - NARIKUDOU Naruto - Read Naruto Manga Chapter - Page 7 online - Page 7 - NarutoBase.

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[PDF] [EPUB] descarga directa de todo el manga de Naruto.. para la Naruto / [Manga] [EspaƱol] [MEGA] Lista de Manga Naruto. Incase anybody needs it. egrytbontrusthealth.gq 0BzWUaZGmQgIseFJSM3RqNGtJN2s. From here on, all chapters of the serialized manga and all episodes of the anime will be available for free on the app. The manga will.

Using this timing, a new and official iOS and Android Naruto app was launched. From here on, all chapters of the serialized manga and all episodes of the anime will be available for free on the app. The manga will be serialized every day, and the anime will update at a rate of one new episode every Monday and Thursday. This is quite the magnanimous project. The app will likely display its strengths in announcements of the newest information on the animated movie releasing on Dec.

Ugh, this one is certainly a fanon chapter , the real deal's coming out the next week folks, rait Some pages take a lot of time to show. D That seems to be a good way to end the manga. A timeskip and showing the new generation and I suppose Naruto being Hokage. After all, it was Naruto's goal. Reaching it is a good way to end the story.

AmmaUzumaki Gugh: Saddest day it is not. Spin-offs are coming next year and I really doubt Kishimoto, or the publishers are going to let this cash cow die. Shino - star trek visor Kohonamaru - jonin - yay Darui - let himself go Chojiro - mizukge by default since no notable loyal mist characters are left Bolt - ugly name. Kurama - loving retirement Lee - nuff said Naruto - still do not like the hair style, lol computers Tenten - hard times, hard times.

Asuma's child - rocking that shisui hairstyle.

Ex-gokage - maybe old but could still kick major butt. TheUltimate3 I honestly hope you're right, the idea of Naruto ending is really sad tbh like I've been following this story for almost a decade. It's hard to imagine something like that ending. I know there's going to be spin-off material, but I am a little sad to see the actual story end.

It's been going so long I can't really imagine more than a week or two going by without it.

Umishiru wrote: I don't really agree with your opinion about Naruto's hairstyle at least not for manga chapter , but I do agree with you if you're talking about his hairstyle in The Last: Naruto movie. I find him quite nice-looking and for some reason kind of attractive, somehow with that hairstyle, as a mature dad. To be honest, not disappointment but sadness, I was hoping for more Naruto's future-related manga quite sad to see it ends here: Yeah, the characters should all be updated with their final appearances, occupations, and families.

I just have to say Thank you Kishimoto sir for making this a wonderful story to remember, I'm so glad to see the next generations. Will watch Anime and Manga over and over. Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame wrote: The Hokage page needs updated and does Naruto get a face in stone? Yes, he did get and his son, Bolt drawn something on that face - One Piece logo on his forehead protector I guess it means "One Peace"? One thing i don't understand, how Iruka did get so old? I mean there is Kakashi and Shizune and Mei they all look younger than hin.

Elveonora wrote: Rage gtx wrote: Soul reaper wrote: Sealed in Naruto, most likely. Oh, well that's interesting. Still not a fan of the name itself, but the meaning behind it is nice. With their infighting over, the shinobi used their abilities to rapidly advance their society.

As we saw after Konoha was destroyed, they can use ninjutsu to rapidly expand their infrastructure. I don't get it was supposed to end on 10 th but hey its ok thank God Boruto is a better name than Bolt, atleast it has Naruto's name on it.

Don't know why the translators put Bolt as if they're trying to Americanize it. Another thing I don't understand when they show Sasuke reacting to something in the bushes. Is that meant to signify something? I kinda felt the ending was rushed, they didn't have time to fully explain the growth of all the characters.

Still a great series nonetheless! Naruto uzu wrote: Magazine goes on sale on the 10th. These are leaked bootleg scans. Magazines ship to stores several days before they go on sale, people steal them or stores sell them early.

I recognize Konohamaru's teammates because those two barely changed but that new girl could be completely new. You forget that Tsunade is known for changing her age appearance. So while she probably is wrinkly like Hiruzen and his councilors, she hides it. Everyone is under the impression Sai and Ino had a child together but in reality it was really Orochimaru's kid: Where is Team Taka?

Seriously man, they are major characters, and not even one mention of them in the last two chapters!? Heck, the weakass Chojuro became the Mizukage, and Karui was married to Choji. I just wont accept it that Taka wasn't going to fit. ZKenpachi17 wrote: IRulph wrote: If I recall it correctly, almost all the time, Sasuke use his sword with his right hand. Streicher senpai wrote: So assuming he grew his hand back, that means he has regenerating powers?

So he too has Ying-Yang Seal? Kishi doesn't explain things a whole lot, this is quite confusing. Hopefully the Databook will fill in the rest of the blanks because this chapter didn't tell us what became of Orochimaru, Kabuto and Team Taka. By the way, is Naruto's Shunshin no jutsu that he used in this chapter counted as new skill or nope? I apologize if this is out of topic. Then I read back and if you look carefully in the panel of the Gokage Summit, you see there are small particles of sand floating near his back Could it be Suigetsu?

Did he finally get his wish of creating a new seven swordsmen and did he end up marrying karin? Glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking that. It's really weird how none of Hinata's children have Byakugan, and yet Sakura's daughter looks way too much like Karin. Sorry if I'm not asking it clear enough. What I meant was is it new for Naruto himself since he wasn't in bijuu mode while using it.

Kinda confused. The more I think about it, the more the fact that Orochimaru got absolutely no wrap up is infuriating- worst part of the finale. Everything else is fine, dare I say good. Too much focus on the kids- which I do realize is important, but I wish we got more from the characters we loved. Specifically Naruto and Sasuke That was strange- I'm a little pissed we didn't get to see more of that He is the "best character in the series" Sawyer reference.

It was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeettt. Maybe the ending was unwarranted, since I would've preferred it in the movie, and for to be extended into and give a tad more insight into what happened. But this was an amazing journey, an amazing story, with amazing characters and a fantastic writer. Thanks Kishi!!!!! Body Flicker is just high-speed movement, it's a D-rank technique, almost every shinobi can do it. Besides, we've seen in the past that the Body Flicker has been confused by characters with the Flying Raijin Jutsu as well.

I see. Was wondering about it since there's no information on wiki that Naruto was able to use it but only Shisui, A and A. Thanks a lot anyway! I guess Sasuke's startling reaction could only mean one thing that his daughter is thinking of him, so he got illusion thinking someone was watching over him, and also it became clear that Salada is Sasuke 's daughter.

Dude it's pre-timeskip two years. So it will probably have sooome sort of explanation as to how they got togeth oh wait did you mean it like that akame no no no nevermind nothing, no. Clears throat! Dude please don't say stuff like that. Please, don't rub it in their face, because you probably wouldn't have liked to be in the same position if NS became canon.

As a whole, I like how Sasuke's character ended, with him traveling the world- though I do wish we saw something a little different from his final appearance.

I want to read the MS version to see a better translation of what he really says Any gender of any sexual orientation gotta blush. Still waiting for Chapter , where we find out Madara actually succeeded with the Infinite Tsukuyomi and this is all someone's nightmare fever pitch. On an unrelated note Am I the only weirdo who noticed how Sakura is presented overly attractive in her second-last panel? A final farewell from Kishi?

Kamikaze wrote: All I can say is that this has been an incredible story. Thank you Kishimoto for 15 years of greatness! At first i didn't know where kishi was going with this after the kaguya fight, but i'd have to admit, he couldn't have ended it in a better way. Naru x Hina! That and Bolt is Boruto in japanense, which has the same name as maelstrom, which is another meaning for Naruto.

Hence Boruto's name is a play on words for a name that both represents Naruto and Neji. Arigatou Masashi for making Naruto Hokage you really made the series to the actual dream he had since the beginning and it makes sense for him to be Nana when his father was Yon. Honestly they should've made the movie 2 years after the last chapter, because if it's 2 years after the war, you know nothing is gonna happen to the main cast since you see them in the epilogue.

Yeah, you can tell it's him because of the sandals, they are shin high and toe-opened.

He also has Naruto's track suit's design, with a white, probably orange, colored body and black sleeves. So, Sasuke spent years roaming the land, came back, settled and created a post service to compete with courier ninja. Talk about shocking end.

CavaloLouco wrote: I actually am not even close to finishing the series, I was just super tempted to read this last chapter, and it really does make me sad that this amazing story is finally coming to an end. Although I half want it to continue, the other half of me says that stretching it on for any longer will ruin it.

New World God wrote: Am I the only one who doesn't like Chojuro as Mizukage? I'd prefer Suigetsu over that fodder. Tenten is still useless. The kids look weird and sakura got boobs. Most of the pairings make sense except for the choji one.

Tsunade got younger who does she think she if fooling. Is there any reason why people continue to talk about pairings in this topic? There's a thread for it, keep your canon pairing discussions in the other thread.

Frankly; it would be illogical to respond semantically. Because chances are i'm not the only one. The probability of such semantically is unlikely. Perhaps on here I would be. But semantically, no. It looks to me that Hinata and Naruto's daughter have the byakugan, from page four.

Xxkiiroxx wrote: Not really, she may look like it cause she and her brother got Hinata's eyes color, but both clearly have pupils. Though there is possibility that it is a drawing mistake and will be corrected when volume 72 comes out like there was once mistake with Raikage having both arms when Kages appeared before Madara.

I wonder what happened to Gai since he's in that wheelchair? Has he been like that ever since the war when he opened the 8th gate and Naruto saved him? His eyes are all crinkly, like he giving the biggest smile on the planet.

I also noticed that Darui is now the Fifth Raikage. He seems like a much more proper fit for the role than Bee. If Bee became Raikage, every meeting would just become a rap battle. DBMalik wrote: She's like 30 prior to the time skip in this chapter, so she's probably mids now, considering Naruto is about 30 now. The Last is set 2 years later and chapter at least 10 years after The Last, so okay, circa 43, still too late.

This is irrelevant to this, but did you notice that Naruto was using a laptop and how there was an entire modern city in this chapter? It's like the age of technology is taking over. Sakura's appearance needs updated and so do some other characters but I like how at the end Naruto says lets start the meeting. Chapter 0 is not canon tho, it's an alpha version of what became Naruto as we know it. In terms of new Kages - it's funny how long Gaara keeps the position, he outlasted two Hokages already and both of them are alive, though Tsunade must have retired immediately after the war: Great chapter!

It was great to see the new generation of shinobi and that the world is more peacful than ever before. I'm really surprised that Choji hooked up with Karui! Of all the relationships in the world, I had never thought that the two would hook up. But, overall it was great! Thank you Masashi Kishimoto for the 15 years of pure entertainment with an excellent story, memorable characters, and smooth pace.

We will always remember the story which will touch our hearts forever. Believe it!!! So Bolt is lashing out because Naruto is to busy to hang out with him because of being the hokage. I'm not good at describing shit is what I'm trying to say and does Sakura have a piercing or not? I really don't know what to say about this chapter but wow.

Wow and a shocking and wtf kind of way for the most part. I find it weird that everyone is using Part II to fill in the entries for future stuff. I think they should make a part III or something. Rachin wrote: That means theres Karin's blood inside of Sasuke and then he made Sarada.

Eaight Tails is still inside Killer Bee and Kurama is shown sleeping at the very end, but it is safe to assume he is inside Naruto. Some stuff was obvious for awhile including Kakashi becoming 6th and Naruto becoming 7th, but Choji and Karui getting together? When did that happen? Kind of still surprised about the whole SasukexSakura thing, but after seeing how much Sakura chased after Sasuke it's not surprising. Kabuto, Orochimaru, Karin Suigetsu, Jugo and all the tailed beasts' fate are left unknown, which is pretty annoying.

So it really is over, and the spoilers were true. I feel mixed. While I greatly enjoy seeing them as grown-ups, the pairings, the children, the "new" world I really am in a strange mood right now.

Norleon it's not over yet there's still the mini series and I guess we'll be seeing the kids in the movie? I don't approve of the series going on.

It needs to be over. I don't want to see more of this or this. It was a fun ride, but eventually, we need to accept that nothing lasts forever. I really don't know how to feel at the moment. Still it will be very weird for me to look for next week manga chapters knowing that Naruto will not be among them: I only follow Naruto mostly and look at this Bambusek http: I follow: So while I still has something to read I will miss Naruto.

Okay, someone please answer, but was that really a laptop that we saw Naruto using?????? I mean, it obviously was, but what the heck!

Also, were those freaking skyscrapers on top of the Hokage monument!!!???? I had thought that SasuSaku would suck the enthusiasm out of me, but this just rejuvenated it!!! I am really excited for the new series now. Just what happened to the ninja world during this time? Norleon wrote: I agree. Although it's nice to see it end the ending did not have the same impact that I thought it would.

Maybe because this has yet to be animated. Or maybe because of some of the material being heavily implied earlier. Who knows? Yeah I agree the series should just be put the rest as well although they could milk it for the money. Let's be honest a sequel series following Boruto still am not used to that would just be a cheap cop out. I think it really needs to conclude. A follow up could be even weirder than a "Naruto GT".

What is going on with Manga Panda!? I'm seeing chapters published for Naruto. Sarada looks like Karin, but Naruto's kids look nothing like Sakura. The daughter clearly looks like her mother. But getting back on topic, I thought the final chapter was pretty good.

But, WTF with fat Anko? I mean, I know they wanted to show everybody aging, but everybody else kept their figures. QueenCeline wrote: I mean no offense. For have many fans decide in this story for make relationship with each other. Like NaruSaku and SasuHina. One thing I would have liked to see was the Valley at the End getting rebuilt, but this time the statues are of Naruto and Sasuke.

Yes, that's why Sarada has some features from Sakura and Himari has dark hair like her mother and whisker marks like her father right? You NS are so funny Not a huge fan of how this all ended but I'm content with it.

Read Manga Naruto Naruto 700 Online in High Quality

I know that there are spin offs but its gonna be weird not following all of the characters we have grown accustomed to. I'm pretty sad that it's really ending. All that said Hot damn Sasuke looks good. He never said he was NS did he? The joke was that Hinata's children, neither of them, had Byakugan. Despite the fact it seems like anyone related to the Hyuga had Byakugan, including all branch members. Also, Sarada looks far more like her father. In fact, I don't know these "features" of Sakura you are even talking about.

The hair? Because all her feminine features look like Karin more than Sakura. I can understand your point of view. Sakura doesn't seem to have changed at all this 15 years?

What was the point of all her development? She ultimately just became a housewife popping out Sasuke's babies whenever he feels like coming home.

I thought she'd be a doctor or something, not just some normal housewife.

El Blog para Descargar Todo Lo Que Quieras

Omega64 wrote: That is true, but are we actually ever saw a Hyuuga woman other than Hinata and Hanabi we saw their mother once but only in anime and, surprise, her eyes was not visible then? There is no telling if they were outside the clan before marriage or not. As I said in other thread - kekkei genkai inheritance seems to work at random, there is no pattern to follow.

The reason the Hyuga marry within their clan is to preserve their kekkei genkai. The byakugan therefore might be recessive, so without two Hyuga parents it's extremely rare.

That's probably why the Hyuga are so strict. It's over, think I'm gonna cry. Like the whole modernization of Konoha and likely enough the entire continent. Laptops, yo. FF-Suzaku wrote: And there is a very good example of Gaara's father - he had Magnet release as kekkei genkai and none of his children inherited it. And whatever happened to Mifune and the samurai? Kishi just seemed to stop drawing them in at some point. This isn't like X-Men mutations, the men and women are both capable of transferring kekkei genkai, it's just Kishi never used the Hyuga often enough to introduce Hyuga women into the mix.

We had the same problem with Uchiha women. Yes, the only woman in entire series that manage to pass bloodline was Haku's mother. The rest either didn't do that or was non existent. Am I the only one thinking that Kishi screwed up? Aren't Kakashi and Guy still too young to reside in a retirement home? So Kakashi and Guy are Yet, they look like 55 or so and live in a retirement home. So people can return from the dead, regrow limbs, but they can't freaking fix his damn leg?

We don't know exactly how long the timeskip of chapter is, but The Last takes place 2 years after and if Kishi follows parallels, then Naruto's children should be about the same age as he was in Chapter 1,. Bolt may be, but Himawari is younger, she refers to her brother as "big" so he must be older than her.

It doesn't say Kakashi lives there, and Guy is apparently paralyzed, so it may be a nursing home. You're incorrectly assuming that everyone immediately gets married and pregnant right after Naruto was also 12 in chapter 1.

To be honest Sarada does have some of Sakura's facial features. Just because she has no pink hair or green eyes doesn't make her a clone of Sasuke. The shape of her head and face are very reminiscent of Sakura. Let's be real, if she weren't wearing glasses no one would even mention Karin.

I gotta ask, because no one has yet. I'm not sure if this was posted, but since the village isn't so "Hidden by leaves" anymore, didn't the manga re-name it "The Village of Dancing Leaves" Or am I just stupid. Not sure if that needs to be updated or not.

You may be right. Looking at Iruka, he looks So yeah, it's at least 15 years after The Last, 17 after WolfMaster91 wrote: Xxmanxx wrote: I just realized, how awesome would it be to doing the nasty while your a jinchuricki?

Like if you ever get tired your tailed beast could give you energy, and they could cheer you on the whole time xD.

Download komik naruto shippuden 700 pdf

On a related note, do you think the anime will expand this episode, making it a whole episode in itself and adding a few things the manga couldnt due to a 22 page limit , or due you think it will only be about 10 minutes like Ashzure suggested.

Just to cheer you guys up, there will be a third Naruto series it's been confirmed , albeit it'll be more of a mini-series. It'll focus on Naruto and his children, mostly. One- why does kakashi and guy look so old and weak especially when they would be a around the same age as Pain, Nagato, and konan. Second - Neji is hinata cousin not brother. Neji and Hinata fathers are twins. Third - Killer Bee was one of the most underutilized characters I have ever seen in my life.

MY GOD! Fifth - where's yamato???? Actually I'm not, but some of the children are set to appear in The Last, or not? The leaked reference art indicates that they will be.

Thunder90 wrote: Kakashi doesn't look that old, save for the bags under his eyes. Yes, Neji is Hinata's cousin, so what?

Remember Hinata used to call him "Brother", so it makes sense her kid would call him uncle. Thunder90 It could be possible that because Guy is much older than Lee that he would they would be unable to heal his leg. Anyway it's still surreal to see the series end like it did.

I was happy that the series was continued, but I really missed the old characters. Seeing them grow up and instead watching the new generation just wasn't the same: So, am i the only one who think that Naruto is way too cool with his right hand full of bandage and he looks so mature with that hairstyle, in a good way, and I he has a look of a really-good or a near-to-perfect daddy in fact he's not really tho?

I wonder what happened to Orochimaru and Kabuto. Were they pardoned for their crimes for helping out in the war or are they both back to hiding again? I have a question, is bolts last name Uzumaki or Hyuga because this wikia states his name as uzumaki but if they were going by the japanese naming traditions like all the other characters do his name would be Bolt Hyuga.

Kyubii31 wrote: How are people named in the Naruto world? Is it like you said and based on rank, and the kid keep the name of greater rank, do the parents decide, or something else?

To me, the finale was Concept would've been much sweeter if it was carried out differently. Like not just blasting all the kids and parents in your face. Just seeing people walking by in the background, with their kid, silently canon, would've been better.

And Sakura could've been portrayed better in both and Either way, amazing manga. What does Kiba's statement about the Seventh stepping down mean? Did he step down or is Kiba a villain now? My opinion: These two chapters left so many plot holes regarding some characters it's not even funny.

And I agree with Plane; this chapter feels way too much like the IT I've even seen some fan theories regarding it. Gemnist wrote: Gem-san, I didn't quite mean it like that.

I mean, I'm not saying it's fake or a dream, I'm just saying it seems a bit too corny, to me. My thoughts: Never include an epilogue to something like this. I think is was a mistake for Harry Potter, and I think it is a mistake for Naruto. Use image searching tools to find the original artist: Saucenao or Google Images. Limit yourself to one fanart submission within approximately 24 hours.

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