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    Flat-Out Love. Home · Flat-Out Love Author: Jessica Park. 68 downloads Views KB Size First Love, Wild Love · Read more · Love. Read more · Love. But in order to learn to love again, you must learn to trust again. When a Safe Haven - Nicholas egrytbontrusthealth.gq Jessica Park - Flat-Out Love (epub).epub. Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love #1) by Jessica Park Flat-Out Love is a warm and witty novel of family love and dysfunction, deep heartache and.

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    Flat Out Love Jessica Park Epub

    Read Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love Series Book 1) PDF Ebook by Jessica Park. Skyscape, ePUB BDZTE60, egrytbontrusthealth.gq .PDF).| He was. Maggie Hall - The Conspiracy of Us (retail).epub. КБ. Нравится Park, Jessica - Flat-Out Love (Unknown).epub. КБ. Jessica Park. Flat-Out Love book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Flat-Out Love is a warm and witty novel of family love and dysfunc.

    Shelves: romance , reads , my-kindle-challenges-me , annoying-mc , go-straight-into-the-wall , in-a-minority-here , what-is-your-point , terrible , buddy-read , roll-eyes-worthy Congrats, Flat-Out Love. Welcome to the very limited circle of books I hated. Say hello to The Perfect Game for me, would you? Buddy read with Kat click to read her review , who saved my sanity thanks for the support through this!! But because my inner circle of doom rewards its members as they deserve, let's start with little awards, 'kay? But first of all The jury was really impressed by the abilities she showed in being a disrespectful and arrogant friend and daughter. Here's a little presentation of her greatest deeds : Indeed through her constant inner monologues, we see her unfailing perseverance in making fun of others, whether she thinks they're dumb, lame, or annoying. Kudos for never forgetting that everyone and everything is beneath her. Probably sporting a toga and doing keg stands at the miserable state university he was attending.

    Don't be like that. Not to mention that she does think about his life, too. Well, she doesn't want to invite him to come along when she goes out because, well, duh, he's so freaking beneath her can you please follow?

    How's that for best roommate ever, huh?

    A little But nice. Indeed she decides to take her under her wing, and manages to develop a bond between them without never making me care. That's an achievement to behold really. What can I say, I guess that telling me that she cares isn't enough for me to believe her. We're talking about self-absorbed Julie here. See, I have no problem with unlikeable characters, as soon as their behavior is acknowledged as being offensive.

    Never, at any point, is she called on her shit.

    Am I supposed to think that belittling everything and everyone is okay? That being plain bully with someone we just met is okay? That talking about a family welcoming you with your professor of psychology is okay?

    To be honest, at one point Kat and I considered the possibility that Julie suffered from a mental-illness because the distortion between what we see and what she describes is freaking HUGE. Don't bother wondering, that's not the plot twist more about that later. Look, I always considered myself as a nerd but by no means could I relate - or connect, at least - with any of these characters. Their interactions are ridiculous, roll-eyes worthy and more generally, completely unbelievable.

    Jessica Park's writing isn't bad, but she tries way too much to convey a sense of oddity. It is, without a doubt, a new favorite of mine, and, for me, an unequivocal 5-star read!!! Thoroughly unique and enjoyable! Do not miss this! View all 37 comments. Also reviewed at: This quote sums up how this book made me feel, how it inspired me through my journey with it, and even after I reluctantly closed its pages Thank you to my dear Goodreads friend, Karla, for recommending this to me!

    Please, give this book a go! The story begins with this quote: It's about the journey. In Flat-Out Love, Jessica Park takes readers on an amazing journey with some incredibly crafted, quirky and lovable characters. This story is truly special because of the engaging, entertaining, sweet, heartbreaking and emotional journey it took me on. I was laughing, smiling, sighing, my heart aching, crying, and feeling positively giddy when I finished this.

    I hope it touches other readers as much as it did me. This was such a beautiful and wonderful story, with characters who will remain in my heart for a long, long time! Thank you, Jessica Park! I loved it so much I bought the paperback. This is not a YA Romance per se, but there was certainly a beautiful romance in it. It is a slow-building romance, so please bear with it, because it had me in tears and smiling, at the end.

    I loved that this was a YA book set in the first year of college rather than the mostly high school fare out there. And Celeste was just so precious. It was humour like in this scene at the beginning, where Matt is picking Julie up, for the first time, which had me laughing out loud: I think this Matt character is here.

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    This must be my ride. She took his free hand in hers, intertwining their fingers, and squeezed. He squeezed back. Teasing, even. His tongue brushing hers and making her tremble. She kissed back, tasting him, breathing him in. Julie was dizzy, and shaky, and inundated with his heat. He made her temporarily lost, not able to see beyond the way this kiss felt. View all 57 comments. Never, in a million years, will I read this book. View all 45 comments. I won't go into details over plot, as there is an extreme twist that I would hate to reveal, but I will say that I loved every little bit of this unique story!

    The characters were lovable and life-like, and I fully enjoyed their witty back-and-forth banter and charming dialogue. There were some moments, however, where I felt there could have been a stronger distinction between some of the characters' personalities.

    Although each of them had their own unique quirks, their sense of humor and wit seemed to blend into one, at times. I must add that this in no way hindered my love for this story. Celeste, who is quite possibly the most unique character from any book I've ever read, was the major exception.

    I adored and rooted for her entirely. I went into this book thinking I'd settled on a fun, sweet read — but was left with so, SO much more. This heartbreaking portrayal of a broken family brought me to tears, while an intense love strong enough to withstand it all amazed and inspired me. I was instantly sucked into this story and it has yet to let me go Book Stats: Unique, witty, charming. Layered, original, with a twist in storyline.

    Engaging and humorous. Perspective switch View all 36 comments. Abgesehen davon war sie auch skurril und witzig. Der Schreibstil war dem ganzen auch angemessen und lies sich flott lesen. Eine wirklich empfehlenswerte Geschichte, die mehr Tiefgang hat, als es zu Anfang scheint. I don't want to land and reach the real world, because I like our world up here better. The best thing about this book was that the characters are so uniquely damaged.

    Even with all their tortured past and bizarre habits,I loved how the characters managed to pass off as fun and quirky. More like in a Alice-in-wonderland style. I loved how the author,Jessica park,actually managed to build a story around such volatile situations and craziness while managing on keeping the reader captivated and intrigued until the end.

    Seriously you've got to read this atleast once,push this up your TBR and give it a chance.. Who know? It might just end up being a favorite: Full disclosure - I picked up this book a gazillion years ago and it got buried in my to-read pile. As is my style, I began reading it because of the pretty cover WITHOUT actually reading the description and reminding myself what it was going to be about.

    This was such a unique story. Julie was off to college far away from home and excited to experience new things. So at this point I was guessing this was going to be a romance about Julie and Matt, right? I was not prepared for the actual story-line and everything that was Flat Finn. I didn't introduce you properly, did I? Julie, this is Flat Finn.

    Her digs towards flat Finn were so dead-pan and hilarious. I've never had my nails painted. I kept wanting to shake Erin and Roger and remind them both that THEY were the parents and Matt should get a chance to be a proper college student.

    The back and forth between them showed such a camaraderie and like mindedness. Maybe I'll text you in Webdings later and give you an update on my evening. The clear depiction of the struggle for sexual identity as evidenced by the two phallic shapes?

    It's manicotti, you nut. What do you think it is?

    I suppose that was largely because of all the lying that had taken place. Surprising and delightful read! View all 14 comments. I did not expect for this book to so thoroughly blow my mind. Mind officially blown.

    I feel like this review should be very witty because the book is so smartly written. It really took me by surprise. I've read so many insipid YA books that to read one that is written so carefully and so thoughtfully is like a shock to my system. A quick plot summery: A girl Julie starts college in Boston but finds herself without a place to live, and ends up boarding with family friends of her mom whom she has never met.

    Still with me? The family consists of two absentee parents, both professors, a geeky brother Matt in his early 20s, an odd teenage sister Celeste , and an even older brother Finn who has been traveling abroad for the past couple of years. Celeste is socially awkward and, bizarrely, carries around a flat-lifesized cardboard cut out of Finn all the time.

    Julie ends up emailing and facebooking Finn to ask about Celeste's mental state and, over time, something more than online friendship ensues. But there are layers of mental health issues and entanglements that make their relationship increasingly complicated Oh how I love this book.

    I'm still dying over it and will probably babble to my husband the rest of the day about it. Sometimes you just need a book to relax with and have a good time. Something that you can just enjoy the feeling of the book and not have to think about it. This is that kind of story for me. This book reminds me that there are New Adult books out there that are about the journey than just about some depressive situation with sex thrown in.

    Julie has just made it to Boston to start her college life, accept nothing is working out quite right. She has no apartment and needs a place to stay at least until she can figure out a new living situation. She sends her son Matt to pick Julie up. He's beckoning me to the car. He has a collection of nerdy t-shirts, is a bit shy and incredibly smart, full of all kinds of information that while not incredibly useful I found really entertaining.

    People who love fonts. There are people who go to a movie and get agitated because, while the movie is supposed to be set in , the restaurant awning shown in the background of some scene is printed in Arras Bold, which wasn't invented until , so clearly the producers of the movie are insane and should be beheaded.

    Celeste was absolutely by far my favorite character in the book. She is so odd, incredibly odd and I loved it. She carries around a cardboard cutout of her brother everywhere and calls him Flat Finn. She treat him almost like he is a real person and while this is a little unsettling to Julie in the beginning she quickly learns how to play along with Celeste in this fantasy. Yes it seems odd and she is trying to figure out why Celeste has such an attachment to her older brother through a flat representation but no one is giving any answers.

    I will just say that I liked it. Julie has an interesting first year at college and she really bonds with Celeste and is able to help her get over her attachment to Flat Finn a few baby steps at a time. Julie also finds a nice little romance along the way that became more interesting later in the book after the big reveal. There was quite a bit of quirky humor and I thought the addition of the Facebook status updates from Matt Julie and Finn were freaking funny and adorable.

    Side note: I thought the audio was performed very well by Julia Whelan and I would happily listen to other audiobooks by her. View all 4 comments. When I first read the blurb, I thought, ok, this sounds kind of cute. I added it to my must-read-list. I didn't think twice of it until a friend messaged me on here and told me she had it to lend, via Kindle. After just reading Beautiful Disaster, I needed something wildly different.

    And boy oh boy was this different, but in such a wonderful way. For me, this book was strangely entertaining to the point whe This review was posted at My Secret Romance I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed this story.

    For me, this book was strangely entertaining to the point where I couldn't put it down. There were so many great moments in this book I can't even chose which part of this book I enjoyed the most.

    I only know that I loved the entire book. There wasn't a dull moment! Always fun and witty and most of all That is the perfect word to describe this book: I saw that the author said that too, obviously before me, so I guess I can't take any credit for it. Let's talk about Celeste for a minute: Celeste is an amazing young woman with such a wide vocabulary that at times I had no idea what she was talking about. However, she seems to exhibit some odd behavior. For example, she carts around a carbon copy of her older brother, Finn, and has complete conversations with him while her family doesn't even think twice of it.

    I felt so bad for this poor girl. She clearly needed help and yet no one was able to help her There were some very emotional moments between Celeste and Julie. I had tears in my eyes when Julie was trying to show Celeste how to wear lip gloss and nail polish I think the funniest was when Julie was trying to take Flat Finn grocery shopping.

    I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Julie, an Ohio transplant, was now living in Boston, going to college and trying to live with the Watkins family. That was no easy feat for her. Not only did she grow attached to Celeste, but she started to develop feelings for Finn. However, she was dating Seth and all along I couldn't help but feel that Matt, Finn's younger brother, was becoming attracted to her. Julie is intelligent, quick-witted and wants to help Celeste.

    She easily adapts to this family as if she was meant to be there all along. Matt is a replica of my husband, minus the geeky shirts. I have always joked with my hubby that he has all this knowledge in his brain And when it is needed, he is able to retreive it as if he just learned about it yesterday.

    And that's exactly how Matt is: I felt like I was reading about my hubby. Their intelligence is almost mind boggling. But that is what attracted me to my hubby in the first place He must think I'm nuts when I say that. Ok, back to Matt and his geeky shirts and his devotion to his sister. I felt like Matt has concealing something. I was right, but it wasn't just the family secret There was a very big secret.

    I speculated so many ideas about what the secret could be, and I honestly didn't know until close to the very end. I know a lot readers said they realized it early on, but I was left guessing.

    Well, I must have a really small brain because I truly had no idea what it was I think I was too wrapped in the story to really contemplate about it. And then it hit me right as the story unfolded itself. The secret was heart achingly sad, making me shed a few tears. But have no fear! There is a bittersweet ending to this story. I think everyone should give this book a chance. It's a story of life's many challenges and winding roads.

    It's also a story of triumph. It will make you believe that while nothing in life comes easy, all of your hardwork will pay off in the end. I also want to thank my goodreads friend, Lisa. If you hadn't messaged me about loaning this book to me, I may not have ever read it, even though it was on my to-read list.

    And that would be a crying shame. Thank YOU! And what a crying shame that would have been. Here are some parts of the book that I enjoyed: Just the word physics already has me hot and bothered. It's the way I take them OFF that makes me better than you.

    It was a sign from God that I needed to find this gem. The cockroaches are a nice bonus. And I can make extra money working as a hooker. Pardon the pun. View all 75 comments.

    Wait for me while i catch my breath.. Ok, here we go, but I don't promise that my review will make much sense to you.

    Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love #1) by Jessica Park

    So I'll start by saying that I really need to read this book again! My Thoughts: This book took me completely by surprise. It seemed like a really light read, but in fact it is the complete opposite. I guess that these days I'm really easy to trick, but I love surprises, and I love how this story turned out.

    Think about it this way: Imag Wait for me while i catch my breath.. Imagine that you are the main character — your name is Julie, you are cute, smart, beautiful, independent, funny, witty and you have a great sense of humor. You are lost in a new city, alone, with no place to go.. Someone gives you a hand; she takes you to her place, in her family. She is your mother's best friend from college and she is really nice, even though she's quite absent from her children's life. She offers you shelter for as long as you need it and she takes care of you.

    You like this family. The father is nice, but he works just too much and travels for too long. The boy Matt is a bit older than you, but cute, funny, and helpful. He is a bit of a geek, with no fashion sense and you feel the need to change this. You become friends, you talk a lot, you get to care for each other.

    Or else I'm about to kidnap the wrong girl" Then there's little Celeste. Don't say that she's crazy, please don't offend her; she is an intelligent but a bit disturbed little girl. The way she talks, the way she acts, the way she holds around a flat copy of her oldest brother All this is strange and you feel the need to help her. You become her friend, you teach her how to dress, how to act her age, how to enjoy her life.

    Celeste looked back and forth between them and raised her eyebrows. Do you need to kiss and make up? You talk to him via facebook don't you dare rolling your eyes, I know that you keep in touch with friends and family via facebook as well. Pretending otherwise won't make it less true. You get to know him better and fall for him.

    Again with the eye-rolling. So back to Finn, he seems like the family's favorite, and sure enough Celeste's favorite. Since he went away she keeps a cardboard cutout of him everywhere she goes, and she misses him like crazy. Even though there are great guys waiting for you in real life, your heart keeps waiting for him. What if it makes things worse? And what If you get hurt? Gut-wrenching, overpowering, crushing, fulfilling, complex, bring-you-to-your-knees-love.

    I can only say this: Still, I really hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I did, and if by the middle you feel like it drags too much, keep going, it gets better… pinky promise ; This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.

    This is the forth book I have read from Jessica Park. It is safe to say that she is now on my favorite authors list. You can always count on her to sucker-punch you right in the feels. And you know that I'm all about that angst. She likes to take her readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride. She starts us at the very bottom so that the only other direction we can go is down.

    Trust me, your heart will plummet. Your stomach will drop. And tears may fall. So we've pulled the chute, and we're dri This is the forth book I have read from Jessica Park. So we've pulled the chute, and we're drifting, riding the sky. It's just you and me. You can hear me now that we're falling like this, remember? I tell you that I don't want this to end. Flat-Out Love is a heart wrenching ride. The main characters are so flawed, so broken. I connected with Julie so well that I actually became obsessed with the Watkins just like she was.

    I was determined to find out why Erin, the mother, was so emotionally-detached. I needed to know why Roger, the dad, was never home and always working. Why did Matt, the middle child, have to manage the household? Why did Celeste, the youngest, carry around a cardboard cutout of her older brother, Finn? Why was Finn traveling the world when it was obvious his family needed him? There were so many questions and I couldn't get the answers fast enough. I felt so connected to Julie, like I mentioned earlier, that I too fell for Finn.

    You see, Julie adds Finn on Facebook to get answers. She really wants to help Celeste as she feels like her family is enabling her problems. Julie gets more than she bargains for as she ends up falling for the estranged brother. That's when Julie started to realize that there is something going on with Finn as well.

    Julie is trying to save a family from destruction while putting herself in the line of fire. I admired the hell out her character. She is strong, determined, and caring. I love the relationship she has with Celeste. I loved how she managed Matt, how she loved Finn, and how she was honest with Erin. When Julie finally discovers the truth, I broke with her. You will never believe that twist at the end guys! I think I'm falling for you too. Let's not pull this chute. I have read many reviews stating that they guessed the twist early on in the book.

    Well, I must be slow because I was blindsided. My theories were so far off that I couldn't believe what really happened. I think I had to read that part twice. I was probably in denial. My heart really broke for Julie. I also seen many mixed reviews. But do you want to know what I have noticed? The bad reviews are the ones that didn't finish the book. You, the reader, will know absolutely nothing until the big reveal at the end. If you don't finish the book, you will never have that 'Aha' moment where everything gets put into perspective.

    Don't let those negative reviews turn you away. They are the ones that missed out on something great. See this review and more over at my blog - Sincerely, Whitney View all 23 comments. Ignore my rating, because I really don't know what to rate this.

    Maybe it hits somewhere on the Ugh. Maybe it hits somewhere on the 3. So that's my rant It has it's quirky moments but it totally wasn't what I thought it was going to be.

    I guessed the major plot twist very early on and it was just so sad that I couldn't handle it. It just messed with me and made me super depressed. I went into this expecting something more 'fun' like 'The Hating Game' - and this is just down right depressing. Not bad, not poorly written, just sad - even if the ending was happy.

    I want to go cry now. View all 3 comments. I'm rating this book 3. I have mixed thoughts on this book. I liked the characters but only loved Celestes character. This book could be funny at times and was overall nice.

    I think the reason this book wasn't all there for me was because of the puppy type love. I personally don't prefer that type of romance. But It wasn't bad either. It was just okay. The chats that happened between "Finn"and Julie were a nice touch. But again I couldn't personally fall in love with someone on facebook.

    Julie's charater was the type of character trying to fix other people's problems because she hasn't fixed her own. Celestes character made this book a lot better than I would have been with out her. I loved her charater probably because she was really original. I did feel Celeste, Matt, "Finn", and Julie were all main characters. So Celeste wasn't a supporting character but a main one and although I liked that it was a bad thing to do In a romance book.

    The ending I didn't like at all. Finding out that Finn was dead and Matt was the one writing chats to Julie under his dead brothers facebook.

    So basically Julie fell in love with Matt not Finn. I hated that but I guess The author get points for surprising twist. There is a lot to love here: Unfortunately, there are just so many things that turned me off personally in this book.

    However, if you are looking for a main stream romance with more depth than average, then I think that you should give this a chance. Julie is eighteen years 2. Julie is eighteen years old, leaving her middle class Ohio life behind for the first time, and heading off to a small college in Boston. She just wanted to be free from feeling like she had to hide who she was. Right there, I thought that I knew what this book would be about.

    Flat-Out Matt

    More later. Her mother recalls an old college roommate who lives in Boston, and within an incredibly short amount of time Julie is installed with the Watkins family. The Watkins are wealthy, intellectual, and impressive, but they are not as perfect as they seem. Matt is gifted and intelligent but closed off, Celeste is a strange mix of mature words and immature behaviors, and Erin is poised and beautiful, but unreliable. Roger, the father of the family, is barely present. The one normal member of the family seems to be Finn, who is charming and gorgeous but away having grand adventures with no plans to return.

    Enter Julie, armed with one semester of intro to psych, to save the day. Soon she's diagnosing the family and attempting to treat them with therapy of her own design. What matters is that she become normal. Her father seems to have no interest in her life and abandons her at every turn, yet she has complete optimism about his plan to spend Christmas with her.

    She tends to judge just about everyone based on appearances and spends an exhausting amount of time considering her own appearance. She is clearly a highly intelligent, even nerdy girl on the inside, but she seems to turn away from that part of herself. Also, the sheer amount hubris that she carries around is just flabbergasting.

    However, my issue here is that Julie never seems to grow in any way or deal with any of these things. In fact, her point of view about appearances even seems to be glorified! She really can! I have a few things that I want to say to you, Julie: Online debates are not to be interrupted. Having a social life is overrated. Not all kids who wear NIN t-shirts are hooligans. TOP 40? Awkward people make the best friends on the planet. The correct points assignment for NOT being a nerd is minus one hundred.

    And my fingernails? View all 65 comments. Great story. I would have probably enjoyed it more if I hadn't figured out the "twist" by chapter three.

    If you haven't read it then stay away from reviews. View all 6 comments. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I was captivated and enthralled by this story!

    The writing flowed realistically throughout with brilliant character development and the, OMG, knock-you-to-your-knees lovestory was undeniable! When Julie realizes her "Craig's-List" apartment is really a burrito stand, she's desperate and as luck would have it, her mother's old college roommate, Erin Watkins, fortunately invites her to move in.

    It's close the her college and would be free! What's not WOW!! What's not to love, right? The middle child, Matt, is an MIT tech geek with a sweet side, but seriously lacking in social skills. The youngest, Celeste, is an incredibly bright but freakishly unusual year-old who hauls around a life-sized cardboard cutout of her oldest brother almost everywhere she goes.

    The oldest brother, Finn, who's funny, gorgeous, smart, sensitive but physically unavailable, as he is traveling the world and surfacing only for random Facebook chats, e-mails, and status updates. Before long, through late-night exchanges, Julie becomes aware that her feelings for Finn are beyond a friendly "IM-ing" chat sesson. This book is definitely one of my top 5 favorite books to date! I loved the dynamic of each character and their developing relationships This author took a chance at showing how fragile a family can become and how one person could change the head of demons into the face of tangible sorrow and ultimate forgiveness.

    A simply beautiful story! View all 52 comments. Flat-Out love is more than a love story between two people. The heroine Julie is a likeable college Freshman who descen Flat-Out love is more than a love story between two people. The best thing about Julie is her genuine likeability — she has a huge heart and an absolutely insane sense of humour that I loved.

    The Watkins family is really special too. Matt the MIT geek is funny and likeable and so sweetly protective of his little sister Celeste.

    As for Celeste and her cardboard copy of her big brother Finn she takes with her everywhere… oh holy hell she made me laugh. My favourite thing about the entire book was probably the dialoguing. Suffice to say the banter is excellent.

    The IMs between Finn and Julie had me laughing out loud, they were so off the wall and my exact sense of humour and actually reminiscent of the kinds of stuff me and my friends gibber nonsensically about in emails.

    The writing itself is easy, modern prose that sweeps you through the book I read it in one sitting and catches you in the gut and in those laughter lines around the eye with its beautiful simplicity and poignant perception of a family in need.

    Wonderful read. I highly recommend. Five Massive Massive Stars! I found this book boring. Nothing really happened and the mystery? The humor and witty dialogue were really forced, and all the characters had the same personality.

    It's alright for a self-published book though. Just so boring. This review can also be found on my blog, Cait's Corner Wow.

    Before I start this review, I'm going to do a little fan-girl gushing: Hahahahah I'm just kidding But seriously. Let me start off this review with the characters, because they are so incredibly real to me. I feel like I could walk out of my house and th This review can also be found on my blog, Cait's Corner Wow. I feel like I could walk out of my house and they'd be the ones standing next door.

    Park broke away from what other authors write as your typical "unhappy" family- alcholic mom or dad; maybe no parents at all, kids on drugs, lives in a broken-down house because the parents are dead beat, or just the opposite: This is pretty much an easy out for many authors to give you as little as they possibly can yet still give you the general idea of what they're talking about, but Park pretty much gives all those authors and their mediocre ways the bird and does it her own way.

    She wants you to feel like I did while reading this book: You ever walk into somebody's house, hell, it could very well be your own, and you can just tell that something's wrong? That there's a giant, polka-dotted, elephant in the room, but you feel like you can't say anything about it because it's none of your business?

    Hello, and I'm what ruined everyone's lives, but you can't talk about me She was stubborn, kind, witty, gutsy, and just wanted to help. It's almost like you're living vicariously through her; you're finally finding out that secret that your best friend has kept from you for years, or that unspoken tightness between your mom and grandfather that has kept your family apart, and it really is exhilarating.

    I loved all of the shades of grey that Park put into the family. Nobody's perfect; in fact, they're quite dysfunctional: Erica at first seems great, but then you find out that view spoiler [ she's very depressed and pretty much ignores all of her kids, even to a fault hide spoiler ] Roger, the dad, is always gone due to his job and is non-supportive because of the secret yes it's very infuriating; you're supposed to feel that way, but it's all part of Park's grand master plan, so hang with it Matt tries to help his sister the best he can, but his protectiveness is smothering and he's on the computer excessively, and Celeste, well, I can't even describe her on here; her character has just so many layers to it any description that I would try to use wouldn't do her justice; which is just another reason why you should pick up this book.

    But, seriously. But my point with saying that isn't at all to say that they're horrible people; it's quite the opposite. Flat Finn, or; in other words, is the rigid, life-size, cardboard picture of Finn, the oldest brother, that Celeste carries around with her everywhere she goes is why they are the way they are.

    Finn being gone on what you view spoiler [ at what you first hide spoiler ] think is just a vacation has destroyed the family. He's a lot like Phineas from the novel A Separate Peace ; he was enigmatic, smart, funny, charming, devilishly handsome, and the glue that held the family together. With him now gone, all of the traits that I listed above that used to be more hidden in the family are now even more pronounced; even though the family tries so hard to hide from Julie when she first arrives.

    They aren't horrible people, what happened to their family was horrible, and it affected them all very differently and Park uses the Flat Finn almost as a character foil to that. When Julie first gets there, the family looks fine, if not a little weird like flat Finn, but then you begin to notice the stiffness of it, how two-dimensional and stagnant they are, and as Julie helps Celeste get over her problems and adds hinges to Flat Finn to make him more flexible and portable, the family also becomes a lot more open and starts to recover.

    And oh my God the plot. I'm in love with it. It was so hardly there with Julie and Finn, and I loved it. It didn't overpower the rest of the novel and what was going on, but it was still there and everything eventually rounded back to it so that you wouldn't never really forget about it.

    Park had me laughing soooo much with the banter between Julie and Matt, Celeste's strange actions, sad when Julie's feelings were hurt, angry when her dad abandoned her, and gasping at the sheer sexiness of other parts. And Park swung me around so quickly from one emotion to another that she got the most raw emotions out of me as well. I was gasping then laughing then crying, all in the space of ten pages. My mom even asked if I was alright because of all the assorted odd sounds I was making.

    I don't know if it was just how late I read it until, but I actually didn't figure out what was going on with Julie, Finn, and the family until Julie did. And I liked that. It made it all the more heartbreaking for me to find out what had happened, and made my heart bleed horribly for Julie. So, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good story after reading a lot of snark, like me.

    It lifts your spirits and makes you just feel so good. Like I said earlier, if you don't have this on your to-read list put it on now; you won't regret it. Stacia the club. Updated June 20th I can no longer look past Jessica Parks bad behavior when it comes to negative reviews. This seems to be a theme among authors now days. It's wrong, readers have the right to review books in the manner they choose.

    I review books here on Goodreads for myself and to help my friends make educated book selections. I feel like i'm being forced to downgrade my rating of Flat-Out Love because of this bad behavior and it's very frustrating. My hope is that Ms. Park can change her Updated June 20th I can no longer look past Jessica Parks bad behavior when it comes to negative reviews.

    Park can change her ways because I enjoyed her book and recommended it to many friends. This book would have been 5 if the ending would have had a little more 'umph. Maybe I wanted a little more 'love' or just those two to have some time to share themselves. Yes, i'm being cryptic I don't want to ruin the surprise. I loved Flat-Out Love, it had me laughing, smiling and loving the smart witty banter that only Matty and Julie had.

    I was hooked from page one and read this book in a day. Even though it was a young adult book the 'smartness' shined through the pages and had me happy that nerds were proudly flying their 'nerd flag. You will not be disappointed. View all 8 comments. God awful, bratty BBA, who thinks "friendship" means attacking people for not liking your friend's horrendous abuse book.

    This author and her little friend Jamie McGuire find it fun to gang up on people who had the audacity to not like their books. So they troll site and tag team negative reviewers of their books.

    Some links. Even Dear Author mentions her behavior. But that doesn't stop her. No, to prove that Goodreads users are awful for saying that she attacks reviewers, she, well, no surprise God awful, bratty BBA, who thinks "friendship" means attacking people for not liking your friend's horrendous abuse book.

    No, to prove that Goodreads users are awful for saying that she attacks reviewers, she, well, no surprise here. And a screeencap, because of course she deleted it. This is being deleted in a day anyway, might as well let you people know. So balls to the fucking wall. View 2 comments. Zwei Drittel des Buches dachte ich mir: Okay ganz nett. Aber dann, im letzten Drittel passierte auf einmal so viel und ich war unglaublich froh, dass ich dem Buch eine Chance gegeben hatte.

    Ganz im Gegenteil, die letzten Seiten waren richtig toll. View 1 comment. Stop by for a chance to win! It was amazing! It has witty, intelligent humor, quirky, lovable characters, a very swoon worthy romance, and a mystery! Julie Seagle has just moved to Boston as a freshman starting college but the apartment she rented in advance turns out to be a sham and Julie has nowhere to go. Celeste is a braniac, like the rest of the family, but she is socially stunted. Julie becomes attached to the whole family including Finn, who she starts chatting with online by emails and Facebook.

    Matt, or Matty also becomes an important friend to Julie, always there to pick her up when she needs help. Even though Celeste has her issues, she and Julie become close, and Julie makes it her mission to get to the root cause and help her.

    She starts helping her to come out of her shell and behave like a normal teenager. I loved this book! The humor is fabulous! Some of my favorite quotes: Julie turned her head to Matt. Physics and math?

    His mouth was soft and unhurried. His tongue just brushing hers and making her tremble. She kissed him back, tasting him, breathing him in. In this moonlit light, it was smooth, easy, instinctive. She moved her leg over his, bringing them closer together. My Casting: I have so many books on my Kindle that I haven't read, so I'm trying to make my way through some of them, rather than just reading the newest releases all the time.

    I really don't know how to rate this book. Part of me loved it


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